AGS Batavia Entry Displays Original Work by Artist Elisa Boughner

By on September 3 2015

When George Staniulis and I first toured the 78,000 square foot facility at 951 Douglas Road in Batavia the expansive front entry area with its large front wall left a daunting impression.  We couldn’t help but wonder if this building was too big for AGS Technology.

Fast forward almost two years later and AGS Technology is thriving in its new space.  Recycled raw material processing, injection molding, off-line assembly, and warehousing all operate efficiently under the same roof.  All of the pieces of the puzzle came together nicely…except for that front entry wall.  Anything introduced on this massive wall was visually overmatched.  It became apparent that this wall needed to be tamed by a true pro.

Enter Elisa Boughner, a prolific artist who uses traditional forms such as still life, but animates them through bold, often unconventional color and dynamic brushwork.  Elisa’s work covers a range of painting styles from the Impressionists, through the German Expressionists, and finally the Cubist. The result is a unique and highly personal style that brings extraordinary vibrance to often ordinary subjects.

After staring down the wall, Elisa selected the piece shown below and personally oversaw its installation.  This beautiful piece can now be viewed at AGS Technology-Batavia.  For more information on Elisa Boughner’s work visit

Original Art by Elisa Boughner

Fine artist Elisa Boughner posing with her original artwork now on display at AGS Technology’s facility in Batavia-IL.

They’re Heeere!

By on August 27 2015

AGS Technology’s two new JSW injection molding machines have arrived.  J280ADS provides 310 US tons of clamping pressure while J450ADS offers 500 US tons.  These ADS series machines are the very first wave of JSW’s latest offering in North America.  The new AGS Technology Batavia location boasts an underground utility tunnel with all the electric, water, and air infrastructure completed to fully support up to 30 injection molding machines.  This infrastructure investment by AGS significantly decreases the installation time and cost for new equipment.  After being rigged into position today, both of these machines will be making production parts next week helping to pay the bills…and there’s nothing scary about that!

They're Here


Plastics Machinery Magazine Highlights AGS Technology’s Recycling Capabilities

By on August 3 2015

At the 2015 Molding Conference in Rosemont IL, George Staniulis made a technical presentation entitled “Direct Injection Molding of Recycled Plastics Bypassing the Extrusion and Pelletizing Operation”.  The presentation covered the unique challenges associated with buying, cleaning, characterizing, formulating, and injection molding recycled plastics.

Over the last 20 years, AGS Technology has established itself as a leader in recycling thermoplastic regrind back into demanding product applications.  George Staniulis alludes to the key of AGS’ success when he states in the article “We’re learning all the time, everyday”.  For example, since moving into its new facility in Batavia IL, George Staniulis and Chris Racelis re-engineered AGS’ raw material cleaning and blending operation.  The results are impressive and include a doubling of processing capacity on a smaller footprint with half the labor.  In addition, significant improvements have been made with removal of metal and fines while eliminating airborne dust.  Experts AGS Technology consulted said it could not be done, but the new layout, throughput, raw material quality, and clean work environment have proved the doubters wrong.

Managing Editor of Plastics Machinery Magazine, Angie DeRosa, attended the conference and wrote a follow-up article in the August 2015 issue entitled “AGS Redefines Molding Recycled Plastics”.  Click on the link below for the complete article.

Plastics Mahinery RM3 (00000002)_edited



AGS Technology Orders Two New Presses

By on May 28 2015

Having successfully completed the move into its Batavia IL facility, AGS Technology  continues to invest in the future to meet the needs of its customers.  The latest announcement is the purchase of two new, all electric servo drive injection molding machines from JSW Plastics Machinery.  J450ADS is a 500 US ton machine and J280ADS is a 310 US ton machine.  Both presses are the latest offering from JSW, the J-ADS series offering state of the art clamping strength, injection precision, user friendly controls, and energy savings.   Target delivery and installation timeframe is August 2015.  Click on the picture below for additional technical details.


AGS Announcement-Two New Injection Molding Machines Aug 2015

AGS Technology Awarded 2013-2014 GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

By on September 29 2014

Excerpt from letter sent to AGS Technology from General Motors Sheri Hickok, Executive Director, Global Supplier Quality & Development:

August 20, 2014

Congratulations! You are receiving this letter because your manufacturing location is being awarded the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the 2013-14 award year.

The award is given to specific manufacturing locations and only our top performing suppliers are eligible to receive it. Suppliers who receive this award have met or exceeded a very stringent set of quality performance criteria and have achieved the cross-functional support of the entire GM organization.

Overall, General Motors’ mission is to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles with the highest levels of quality and safety on the road. Achieving this mission depends largely on the quality of the parts you produce day in and day out. We know that maintaining a focus on the details to achieve perfection each day is not an easy task, so much so that only a fraction of our suppliers have earned this special recognition. You are a critical part of the team who helps ensure the customer is delighted with their product purchase and we want to recognize and thank you for that.

Again, congratulations on an exceptional team effort that helped your facility to win this award. Thank you for all you do to make our products great for GM, for you, and ultimately for our customers.

Warm regards,

Sheri Hickok
Executive Director
Global Supplier Quality & Development

General Motors  2014 Supplier Quality Award


AGS Technology is on the Move

By on July 6 2014

AGS Technology has leased a 78,000 square foot building in Batavia IL.  Some of the reasons AGS has decided to move include:

1) Opportunity to streamline its operations from three facilities (warehouse, raw material processing, injection molding/assembly) into one.

2) Existing floor space and electricity constraints at the Schaumburg location limit growth.

3) Automotive and non-automotive sales are projected to remain strong with an improving economy.

4) Ideal building.  Former plastic injection molding facility with four bridge cranes (3, 7.5, 7.5, and 17.5 ton), floor space to support 25-30 molding machines, 6500 AMP service, underground service tunnel, large land site with room for expansion, seven silos rail served, and an AGS option to purchase.

The move is being carefully managed over a 9 month period to ensure a smooth transition.  For more details on our move, click on the PDF link below.

AGS Batavia Move 7-06-14

AGS is on the Move


As Good as Gold-GM Recognizes AGS for Outstanding On-Time Delivery Performance

By on December 21 2013

General Motors  has recognized AGS Technology with a “Gold Supplier Status” plaque for its outstanding on-time delivery performance.  In a letter accompanying the plaque, General Motors stated that AGS Technology “has played an important role in our efforts to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles.  Your dedication and commitment to consistently perform above expectations are very much appreciated by the entire General Motors team and we want to recognize your organization for its outstanding performance.  You have our most sincere congratulations.”



Plastics Technology Magazine Features AGS Technology in December 2013 Issue

By on December 3 2013


As part four of its series on sustainability, Matt Naitove, Executive Editor of Plastics Technology magazine chose AGS Technology for its creativity in plastics recycling.  In less than 2,400 words, the article captures the genesis and 18 years of hard work that has made AGS Technology a leader in this arena.  Click on the link below to read the full article.

PT December 2013 Cover

December 2013 Plastics Technology Magazine


2012 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award

By on January 30 2013

On December 13, 2012, JoAnn Bastick from General Motors formally presented AGS Technology with its 2012 Supplier Quality Excellence Award.  This award is given to less than 7% of General Motors worldwide supply base.  It is based on a stringent set of quality performance criteria along with the cross-functional support of the entire General Motors organization.  AGS Technology thanks General Motors for the business it has consistently sourced to AGS and for recognizing it as one of its top performing suppliers.

GM Award Presentation

General Motors Supplier Quality Engineer JoAnn Bastick (center) presents the 2012 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award to AGS President Chris Racelis (left) and AGS Quality Manager Yelda Kivarkis (right).

AGS Technology Improves Mixing Screw Design on Injection Molding Machines

By on September 9 2012

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in our suffering” – Viktor Frankl

What is the most important attribute that a molder needs in order to successfully mold regrind?  Raw material testing expertise?  Processing knowledge?  The latest injection molding equipment?  The truth of the matter is that the most important attribute needed to successfully mold regrind is an organizational culture willing to deal with and continuously improve the multiple challenges that regrind plastic presents.

Regrind does not run like virgin material.  Let me say it again for emphasis.  Regrind does not run like virgin material.  As a result, AGS Technology has set-up its business first and foremost as a processor of recycled materials.  The “AGS Process” is a culmination of multiple skills sets that the owners and employees of AGS Technology have been improving every year.  These disciplines include sourcing, size classification, conveying, de-dusting, metal removal, formulating, physical property testing, certifying, transporting, tool design, drying, in-line compounding, decoupled molding, inspection, and maintenance.

An excellent example of AGS Technology’s kaizen approach is injection molding machine screw design.  Most custom injection molding companies use a general purpose screw design in their machines in order to process the widest range of plastic materials.  From the very beginning, AGS Technology has always specified a proprietary mixing screw design.  AGS’ proprietary screw design was based on years of experience extruding recycled plastics.  This original design helped ensure that large regrind chunks were efficiently melted and then compounded with good distributive mixing during the screw retraction phase of the molding cycle.  Over the last seventeen years, this design has served AGS Technology well when it comes to processing unfilled and filled grades of its Injectoblend™ line of recycled materials.

Despite its success, AGS has identified improvements to the AGS proprietary screw design.  The explosive growth and use of long glass fiber has created larger, ongoing sources of plastic scrap that AGS Technology has qualified for use in many of its Injectoblend™ formulations.  Long glass fiber is a great new source of recycled material to enhance tensile properties, but using this material has introduced a new challenge.  The long glass strands have a tendency to bundle and are more difficult to break-up.  When molding parts with a sub-gate, these glass bundles can block the opening causing short shots.  As a result, more dispersive mixing is now required in order to effectively mold these parts.

Through extensive R&D efforts, AGS Technology has resolved the long glass fiber bundling issue and is already incorporating more dispersive mixing capability into its next generation screw design.  In fact, this work has led AGS Technology to experiment with injection molding screw designs that will compound short glass fibers into unfilled materials using coupling agents and other additives.  The AGS team has always recognized the fact that converting regrind is the lifeblood of the organization so incremental improvements in each discipline over time will enable it to maintain a competitive advantage now and well into the future.