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AGS Technology produces high-performance virgin and recycled custom injection molded products. We specialize in sourcing, certifying and molding regrind directly into reliable, lower-cost structural plastic parts. AGS is a certified minority business enterprise.

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Our Capabilities

Your partner from start to finish with onsite engineering, virgin and recycled injection molding, assembly, and in-house tool maintenance. Our customers trust and know us for our recycled expertise and reliable, lower-cost structural plastic parts.

Injectoblend™ Recycled Plastics

We produce Injectoblend™ recycled regrind formulations in-house, giving us full control over the quality and process. We source, certify and mold regrind directly into plastic parts. Our proven  production process lowers your cost and increases your peace-of-mind with complete lot traceability and multi-level quality testing.

Virgin and Recycled Applications

AGS Technology molds both virgin and recycled plastic into demanding applications for the automotive, construction, industrial and consumer goods industries.




Consumer Goods

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A Disruptive Solution to Reducing Clamp Tonnage

A Disruptive Solution to Reducing Clamp Tonnage

Most of the time, the clamp tonnage required to keep the mold closed during plastic injection is the key factor that dictates press size. Traditionally processors have attacked clamp tonnage using higher flow materials, increasing wall thickness, shortening length of flow and specifying larger gate sizes. Now there is another bullet in the holster; iMFLUX constant low pressure molding.

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