Virgin & Recycled Applications

AGS Technology molds both virgin and recycled plastic into demanding applications for the automotive, construction, industrial, and consumer goods industries.  See some of the applications we’ve done below

Recycled Applications

Virgin Applications


Automotive Interior Applications


Automotive Exterior Applications


Automotive Fuel System Applications


Construction Applications


Industrial Applications


Consumer Goods Applications


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Case Studies

RU Ready for Cross Polymer Substitution

Originally specified in virgin, 40% long glass fiber polypropylene material the molded substrates off production tooling failed the cross-load strength requirement during product validation.

Putting a Lid on Waste with Closed-Loop Recycling

An OEM of drainage and septic systems was generating a significant amount of HDPE scrap punching out holes in their distribution boxes. These HDPE “punch outs” were a negative drain on profits due to their floor space storage needs and landfill costs.

Open the Door to Recycling and Close the Door on Cost

A Tier 1 supplier for interior door panels was looking for recycled content ideas prior to the launch of the next generation Kenworth heavy duty truck. Door Grip Substrates were identified as good candidates for recycled material since they are overmolded to meet aesthetic requirements of the door panel.

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