Virgin & Recycled Applications

AGS Technology molds both virgin and recycled plastic into demanding applications for the automotive, construction, industrial, and consumer goods industries.  See some of the applications we’ve done below

Recycled Applications

Virgin Applications


Automotive Interior Applications


Automotive Exterior Applications


Automotive Fuel System Applications


Construction Applications


Industrial Applications


Consumer Goods Applications


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Case Studies

Baseless Virgin Raw Material Price Increases

Baseless Virgin Raw Material Price Increases

An OEM of water tank systems was receiving major price increases on virgin, high impact ABS used for tank bases molded in-house. In addition, high warranty claims on bases deforming with larger storage tanks in hot climates was driving an expensive part engineering change.

Repeat Performance For Fuel Tank Regrind

Repeat Performance For Fuel Tank Regrind

An automotive fuel tank supplier for General Motors full size trucks needed to add a stone protection shield with an integrated handle on its 26 and 34 gallon tanks. The shield provides an added level of protection from road debris as well as an ergonomic handle for assembly plant operators to retract the tank from its shipping rack.

Illinois as a Low Cost Country

Illinois as a Low Cost Country

A world class filtration systems supplier for various types of filters to the heavy equipment industry was under cost pressure to be competitive on a global basis without sacrificing their customers rigorous performance specifications.

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