Injection Molding

Partner in Virgin & Recycled Plastics

AGS Technology uses both virgin and recycled materials in the injection molding process. We have 21 molding machines that range from 80-720 tons with shot sizes between 2 and 102 ounces.

Why partner with AGS?

Proven Delivery and Quality

We have a 25 year track record as a trusted injection molded partner  of virgin and recycled materials for demanding customers. AGS has been recognized by its customers multiple   times for excellent delivery, quality and customer care.

IATF 16949:2016 Registered

AGS Technology’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a collection of documented policies, procedures, and instructions that clearly define how it creates and delivers products to our customers.  AGS’ QMS has been third party audited by an accredited registrar and certified in compliance with rigorous IATF 16949:2016 standards.

Minority Owned Business

As a certified minority business enterprise, AGS Technology helps ensure that sourcing and new product introductions meet corporate diversity and procurement targets.


AGS is a growing company positioned to continue this trajectory  as required by our customers. Designed with expansion in mind, our facility can add machines quickly to meet your  product needs.

Recycled Content

Parts made from Injectoblend™ materials are based on post-industrial and post-consumer sources of plastic making them inherently recycled and environmentally friendly.  AGS also provides closed loop recycling solutions.

Cost Savings

By targeting the largest cost portion of a plastic injection molded part, AGS’ unique ability to injection mold lower cost Injectoblend™ regrind formulations directly into parts offers significant savings and eliminates a material heat history. We produce Injectoblend™ Recycled regrind in-house, giving us full control over the quality and process. Our inhouse regrind process saves customers on top of the already large cost savings of recycled parts and is recognized for meeting the properties of corresponding virgin resin.

Process Driven Partner

AGS Technology continues to innovate and improve our in-house processes. We believe that the best way to ensure  zero defect products is to continue to evolve our process through corrective action, continuous improvement, and lessons learned.

Our Machinery

  • 21 molding machines, 80-720 ton
  • 3 ton, 7 ton and 17 ton Bridge Crane
  • High Heat Desiccant Dryers
  • Proprietary Mixing Screws
  • Automation and Vision Systems
  • Check Fixtures

Working with up to 100% regrind represents its own set of processing challenges. Based on experience and continuous improvement, AGS mitigates regrind related processing issues with specially modified injection molding machines.

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