Our Team

Chris Racelis

President & Co-Founder


About Chris

Over the last 25 years Chris has guided AGS from a start-up molder to a leading supplier of injection molded parts made from recycled plastics.

Chris grew up in Glenview IL, attended New Trier high school and graduated Honors with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Iowa.  After graduation and a few weeks backpacking in Europe, Chris joined MRC Polymers, a Chicago based compounder of recycled plastic pellets. Chris started on the production floor and realized the importance of a strong quality management system to make consistent product from plastic regrind. Chris soon became Quality Assurance Manager and as the product improved moved to a technical sales position.

Chris’ unique experience in production, quality, and technical sales was the genesis of AGS Technology. Chris realized there was an opportunity to direct inject regrind into a plastic part saving cost, a heat history, and the finger pointing between the OEM, molder, and raw material supplier. In 1995 Chris co-founded AGS Technology with two injection molding machines and a lot of adrenaline.

Chris’ personal mantra can be summed up in three words; Learn-Earn-Return.

  • Learn – There is no such thing as an expert. There are always opportunities to improve and become better.
  • Earn – Money pays the bills, but more important is the respect and satisfaction of working with others on a challenging project.
  • Return – Always give back to help customers, colleagues and community succeed.

Chris is married with three children and lives in the Chicago area. In his free time Chris enjoys being with family, watching his beloved Chicago sports teams, playing basketball, and participating in motorsport events.

George Staniulis

Vice President & Co-Founder


About George

Over the last 25 years, George has served in many roles at AGS, leading Sales, recycled raw material procurement, and developing recycled polymer compounds.

George graduated from Wayne State University and has spent his 50+ year career in the plastics industry. Early on, George focused on ”up-cycling” various plastic waste streams by converting them into higher value products.  For decades, George has been a realist of the recycling dilemma and helped found and lead numerous companies by developing cutting-edge recycling processes.

He is past president of the Society of Plastic Engineers Recycling Division and has presented technical papers, and written numerous articles for, the Society of Automotive Engineers, the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Society of American Chemical Engineers, National Plastics Exposition, Plastics News, Plastics Engineering, local/national governmental conferences, and other industries.

George has a lot of experience in various aspects of plastics recycling technology, including de-polymerization, melt phase compounding, polymer modification, and application development.  Highlights of his career include being the technical lead in the launch of MRC Polymers and the subsequent founding of AGS Technology in 1995. Interestingly enough, AGS Technology gets its name from George’s initials (his first name is Aras), as he and business partner Chris Racelis told each other that the company would be named after whomever left their current employer first. Now, when asked what “AGS” stands for, George replies “All Good Stuff.”

George is married with two children and two grandchildren and lives in the Chicago area. In his free time, he takes his 1966 BSA motorcycle on long rides in the country. He and his wife Ruta love to travel and they go fishing whenever they can.

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