AGS Has The World’s Fastest Recycled Parts!

Product Profile

Industry: Automotive-Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
Application: Wire Channel Guides
Material Description: Injectoblend FABSPC003 (PC+ABS)


  • Timing from CAD Finalization to Launch
  • Recycled Content
  • Engineering and Program Management

Customer Issue

An upstart battery company with years of experience supplying batteries for Formula E racing cars designed an all-new BEV to take on the upper echelon of electric (Tesla Model S) and internal combustion engine (Mercedes S Class) vehicles.  With a focus on performance, luxury, and sustainability this new BEV company was looking for cutting edge suppliers to help deliver their vision.

AGS Injection Molding Solution

Working closely with purchasing, engineering, and supplier quality personnel, AGS Technology offered direct injection molding of its 100% recycled grade of Injectoblend™ resins for various functional black plastic parts throughout the car.  Plastic wire channel guides were identified as excellent candidates for AGS recycled material given their location and end-use requirements.  Wire channel guides help direct, retain, and protect the numerous cable bundles throughout the chassis and Injectoblend™ FABSPC003 provides toughness, rigidity, thermal properties, and 100% recycled content.  On a tight timeline, AGS designed, built, and managed new tools, check fixtures, and assembly equipment to support launch timing.  The result is the world’s fastest production vehicle with the following specifications: 1200 HP, +200 mph, 0-60 mph in 1.95 seconds, EPA mileage >500 miles, 0 emissions.

See the one page PDF profile listed here.