AGS Can Help Exceed Your Sustainability Goals

January 31, 2023 | Newsletter

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are under increasing pressure to reconsider the use, reuse, and recyclability of plastic in their product.  We have seen almost every OEM make policy commitments to sustainability.  As policy turns into action and recycling initiatives get pushed down the supply chain, AGS knows this can be a blind spot for Managers, Engineers, and Buyers tasked with making it happen.  Fortunately, for over 28 years, AGS has been successful with dozens of companies helping them to make the move to recycled materials.  Working together we convert their plastic components to incorporate anywhere from 20% to as much as 100% recycled material for the right applications.  It may start with a small amount (eg. 20%) and increase over time.  Parts molded by AGS from recycled material can meet and exceed the lifetime requirements of the component – we have 28 years, millions of parts in the field, and demanding customer referrals to prove it!  We have had success in the following ways:

  • New Customer – Typical Approach: Parts are launched using 100% virgin material to continue to supply the production assembly line and allow time for AGS and the customer to sample, validate, and approve parts using the targeted percentage of regrind.
  • Existing Customer – Typical Approach: Parts are launched on new or transfer tools using up to 100% recycled material based on lessons learned from similar part or material successes.

Get ahead of your competition today by partnering with AGS Technology to determine what makes sense with your current plastics spend and sustainability goals. Feel free to reach out to Sales today!