Tech Database: Nozzle Filters

April 24, 2023 | Newsletter

Direct injection molding of Injectoblend™ formulated regrind requires several modifications to the injection molding machine.  Nozzle filters are essential components for injection molding with recycled plastics.  Nozzle filters help to remove contaminants, such as metal, unmelt, and other impurities that may be present in recycled plastic material. By removing these impurities, the nozzle filters improve the quality and shot-to-shot consistency of the final product, ensuring that it meets the required specifications. Additionally, nozzle filters help to prevent damage to the molding equipment, such as clogging of the nozzle, hot runner, gate, or mold cavity. This in turn reduces downtime and maintenance costs associated with the equipment. Overall, the use of nozzle filters results in improved part quality, reduced downtime, and increased equipment lifespan, making it one of the many important machine modifications AGS has incorporated to injection mold with recycled plastics.