Injectoblend™ Recycled Plastics

Injectoblend™ Recycled Plastics

We produce Injectoblend™  recycled regrind formulations in-house, giving us full control over the quality and process. We source, certify and mold regrind directly into plastic parts. Our proven  production process lowers your cost and increases your peace-of-mind with complete lot traceability and multi-level quality testing. Injectoblend™ products are tested to meet the specifications  of corresponding virgin resin.

Over 0 Million LBS Recycled

Why Injectoblend™ Recycled Plastics


Parts made from Injectoblend™ materials are used in applications that are subjected to demanding physical, thermal, and environmental conditions.  Injectoblend™ is recognized for meeting the performance of corresponding virgin resin.

Cost Savings

By targeting the largest cost portion of an injection molded part, AGS’ unique ability to mold lower cost Injectoblend™ regrind formulations directly into parts offers significant savings and eliminates a material heat history.

Recycled Content

Parts made from Injectoblend™ materials are based on post-industrial and post-consumer sources of plastic making them inherently recycled and environmentally friendly.  AGS also provides closed loop recycling solutions.

How It Works

To create viable recycled raw materials, we put the regrind through a rigorous  eight-step process:

Raw material sources

By managing a wide base of post industrial and post consumer plastic regrind sources, AGS can assure continuity of supply. Sources include waste streams from the packaging, medical, optical, fiber, automotive, computer and business equipment industry. In addition, AGS maximizes plastic regrind performance through the use of virgin resin, additives and modifiers.

Incoming raw materials

Virgin resin, additives and modifiers are received with manufacturer’s  certifications. Unlike virgin materials, plastic regrind is not accompanied with performance certification data. As a result, AGS systematically qualifies incoming plastic regrind to internally assigned part numbers. All  incoming raw materials are inspected and labeled with lot numbers and internal part numbers. Lot numbers initiate a lot traceability system. Internal part numbers define the performance requirements that the raw material must meet.

Processing plastic regrind

Plastic regrind is cleaned and mechanically blended for evaluation. Magnets, metal separators, and  screening equipment remove contaminants such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fines, paper, wood, etc… The result is a clean, homogeneous blend from which representative samples are obtained for analysis.

Characterizing plastic regrind

Representative plastic regrind samples are molded and tested to determine visual, physical, thermal, rheological, chemical, environmental, and flammability properties. These test results are compared to internally assigned part number specifications. Based on these comparisons, plastic regrind is accepted, downgraded, or rejected.

Raw material formulations

AGS’ raw material recycling expertise meshes plastic regrind with chemical technologies to produce formulations that process and perform consistently from part to part. Formulations specify raw material part numbers by lot  and the proportions to meet finished part requirements. Raw materials are blended in the prescribed amounts, molded, tested, and certified to the customer’s specification.

Injection molding

Specially designed molding equipment allows for precise shot to shot repeatability and compounds the raw materials within the barrel. Coupled with a quality program that emphasizes planning, process control, and continuous improvement, AGS produces high quality parts.

Part inspection

Appropriate samples of production parts are dimensionally inspected and  subjected to simulated end use conditions to certify conformance to expectations.

Packaging and shipment

Reusable, recycled, and/or recyclable packaging is used to protect and facilitate transport of finished goods.

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Our Machinery

  • Grinders
  • Tippers & Surge Bins
  • Magnets & Metal Separators
  • Screeners
  • Blenders
  • 110 ton lab injection molding machine
  • ISO & ASTM Plaque Molds

Our Laboratory

  • Impact – Izod, Charpy, Gardner
  • Tensile – Strength, Elongation %
  • Flexural – Modulus, Strength
  • Heat Deflection Temperature
  • Viscosity – MFR, RV
  • Specific Gravity – Density
  • Ash Filler Content

Recycled Plastics Case Studies

Baseless Virgin Raw Material Price Increases

Baseless Virgin Raw Material Price Increases

An OEM of water tank systems was receiving major price increases on virgin, high impact ABS used for tank bases molded in-house. In addition, high warranty claims on bases deforming with larger storage tanks in hot climates was driving an expensive part engineering change.

Repeat Performance For Fuel Tank Regrind

Repeat Performance For Fuel Tank Regrind

An automotive fuel tank supplier for General Motors full size trucks needed to add a stone protection shield with an integrated handle on its 26 and 34 gallon tanks. The shield provides an added level of protection from road debris as well as an ergonomic handle for assembly plant operators to retract the tank from its shipping rack.

Illinois as a Low Cost Country

Illinois as a Low Cost Country

A world class filtration systems supplier for various types of filters to the heavy equipment industry was under cost pressure to be competitive on a global basis without sacrificing their customers rigorous performance specifications.

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