Supplier Guide

This webpage is to help our suppliers understand the requirements necessary for working with AGS Raw Materials. We have partnered with hundreds of suppliers for decades to provide high-quality parts to our customers using up to 100% recycled materials. If you stumbled on this page, welcome, we are always looking for new sources and partnerships! If you were sent to this page by AGS, see below for more information.

What We Buy

These are the materials we are seeking new vendors for at this time.

  • Nylon 66 with 33% glass (ranges bought are 20-50% glass)
  • Nylon 6 with 33% glass (ranges bought are 20-50% glass)
  • Nylon 6 with 40% glass/mineral
  • Polypropylene with 20% glass (ranges bought are 10-40% glass)

Sampling Procedure

AGS is passionate about material properties. We also work hard to minimize contamination like metal, mixed polymers, additives, longs/fines, etc. We are best when we work closely with vendors and secure long-term streams of consistent material. With that said, we often spot-buy material from suppliers as well. If you think you have material we would be interested in, please follow the following process:


Engage with our raw material group by sending an email to detailing what you have for sale including volumes, ongoing/one-time offer, material specifications/grades, and delivered pricing. After discussing your material with AGS raw materials, the next step is sampling and you will be provided a sample number.


Send a five (5) pound representative sample to AGS Batavia address marked “Attn: Raw Materials” and include your AGS provided sample number (samples without a number will be discarded).  Please make sure that the sample is representative for the entire shipment, so please gather material from every gaylord of the shipment.


GS will review the material, mold a sample, test the properties, and confirm the pricing. This process can take up to five business days, but we will come back and decline the offer, accept the offer, or counteroffer based on our test results.


Once we agree on the particulars of pricing, quantity, delivery, etc; we will issue a purchase order that you may use to ship to and invoice against. Note: The shipment will be cleaned, blended, and measured against the sample you sent in. If there are discrepancies, we will discuss options that may include price adjustments, cost to dispose of, and potentially rejection of the material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ever reject material and what is the procedure for rejection?

A: We know rejecting material costs us all money. We are passionate about asking you to sample the material properly so it represents the material you will eventually ship in. The sample sets the baseline and our offer is based on the material sent in closely matching it. We will clean and blend the material and then test it. If it looks different than the sample in color, properties, or contamination; we will discuss with the vendor and renegotiate or reject the incoming material.

Q: What type of contamination or issues are with material?

A: While this list could be lengthy, there are themes to the issues we see and cause us the biggest problems. Those issues with the biggest challenges are metal in material, mixed materials (unmelt), large regrind size/long pieces in material, and/or dust/small pieces.

Q: What are AGS’ payment terms?

A: As customers have adjusted their payment terms with AGS, we remain at Net 60 days. We will consider discounted terms like 3% Net 10 if offered. 

Purchasing Contacts:

Kyle Boughner
Raw Material Manager and Buyer

Steve Racelis
Commercial Manager
951 Douglas Road
Batavia, IL 60510