Handle Lower Cost… Under Pressure

Case Studies, Injection Molding, Recycled Plastics

Product Profile

Industry: Lawn & Garden (Commercial and Residential)
Application: Pressurized Sprayer Handle
Material Description: Acetal Copolymer


  • Rigidity
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Toughness
  • Durability

Customer Issue

A leading manufacturer of premium, pressurized sprayers needed to lower their purchased components costs in order to compete with an onslaught of offshore spraying products.

AGS Injection Molding Solution

AGS Technology replaced virgin, acetal copolymer in their high volume sprayer handle by injection molding AGS’ recycled equivalent. AGS Injectoblend™ FPOM110 acetal copolymer provides the same performance as the virgin raw material at a lower overall landed piece part cost.

In addition, the manufacturer is able to differentiate itself from the offshore competition by promoting their environmental stewardship through the use of recycled materials and commitment to products “Made in the USA”.