Open the Door to Recycling and Close the Door on Cost

Case Studies, Injection Molding, Recycled Plastics

Product Profile

Industry: Heavy Duty Truck (Interior)
Applications: Door Grip Substrates
Material Description: 30% Glass Reinforced Polypropylene


  • Tensile Strength
  • Rigidity
  • Heat Resistance
  • Dimensional Stability

Customer Issue

A Tier 1 supplier for interior door panels was looking for recycled content ideas prior to the launch of the next generation Kenworth heavy duty truck. Door Grip Substrates were identified as good candidates for recycled material since they are overmolded to meet aesthetic requirements of the door panel.

AGS Injection Molding Solution

AGS Technology recommended Injectoblend™ FPP230, 30% glass polypropylene. The recycled Injectoblend™ material performance is equivalent to virgin 30% glass reinforced polypropylene materials and AGS injection molded parts meet or exceed all Kenworth door panel validation testing requirements.