AGS Batavia Entry Displays Original Work by Artist Elisa Boughner

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When George Staniulis and I first toured the 78,000 square foot facility at 951 Douglas Road in Batavia the expansive front entry area with its large front wall left a daunting impression.  We couldn’t help but wonder if this building was too big for AGS Technology.

Fast forward almost two years later and AGS Technology is thriving in its new space.  Recycled raw material processing, injection molding, off-line assembly, and warehousing all operate efficiently under the same roof.  All of the pieces of the puzzle came together nicely…except for that front entry wall.  Anything introduced on this massive wall was visually overmatched.  It became apparent that this wall needed to be tamed by a true pro.

Enter Elisa Boughner, a prolific artist who uses traditional forms such as still life, but animates them through bold, often unconventional color and dynamic brushwork.  Elisa’s work covers a range of painting styles from the Impressionists, through the German Expressionists, and finally the Cubist. The result is a unique and highly personal style that brings extraordinary vibrance to often ordinary subjects.

After staring down the wall, Elisa selected the piece shown below and personally oversaw its installation.  This beautiful piece can now be viewed at AGS Technology-Batavia.  For more information on Elisa Boughner’s work visit

Original Art by Elisa Boughner

Fine artist Elisa Boughner posing with her original artwork now on display at AGS Technology’s facility in Batavia-IL.