AGS Injectoblend Automotive Approvals

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Recycled plastics have traditionally faced an uphill battle when it comes to acceptance in the durable goods market. Why is this the case for plastics and not so for recycled steel, aluminum, and other metals? When an engineer specifies a particular metal on a print I have never seen “no recycled metal allowed”. The only answer that I can come up with is that engineers are still unfamiliar with plastics especially recycled plastics. Virgin plastic suppliers are not necessarily motivated to educate their customers that plastics are actually very resilient materials. After all, every pound of recycled material that finds a home in a durable good application is one less pound of virgin plastic that is sold by the virgin plastic supplier.

For this reason, AGS Technology has always approached recycled plastics from a property performance standpoint, the same way the metals industry has approached their materials. For example, when an engineer specifies a grade of steel, they are expecting a certain performance profile (ie. tensile strength, hardness, etc…). The engineer does not even think twice about the fact that the grade of steel may contain 100% recycled material. As long as the steel meets the specified properties the engineer is satisfied.

AGS Injectoblend plastic materials are formulated using this same line of reasoning. Every grade of Injectoblend has a set minimum, maximum, or range of properties that need to be satisfied in order to be qualified as such. In some cases, AGS may need to use a virgin plastic, additive, and/or modifier, but most of the time the performance profile is achieved using 100% recycled plastics.

This approach has paid off for AGS Technology as evidenced by the increased material approvals within the automotive industry. General Motors and Ford Materials Engineering has approved AGS Injectoblend materials to the following specifications; GMP.ABS+PC.002, GMP.PA66.013, GMP.PP.017, and WSS-M4D926-A2 (PC). Likewise, Chrysler has green lighted AGS Injectoblend materials based on Outside Design & Development (ODD) approvals to the following specifications; MS-DB-200 (ABS), MS-DB-195 (ABS+PC), MS-DB-41 (PA66), MS-DB-145 (PC), MS-DB-100 (POM), MS-DB-500 (PP).

For a complete listing of AGS Injectoblend automotive approvals as of this posting, click on the following link AGS Material Approvals 5-04-10.