AGS Technology Releases Updated Tooling Standard (8/15/12)

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As described in an earlier blog, AGS Technology has its own tool standard that specifies mold build requirements for new tools. The AGS Tool Standard is a living document that captures good tooling practices and “lessons learned” for parts made from virgin or recycled materials.  Every new mold managed by AGS Technology is checked against this tool standard to help ensure smooth part launches.

With the help of AGS Technology technical personnel (Steve Stoever and Gary Cadle) an updated AGS Tool Standard was released 8/15/12 that improves and clarifies AGS mold build expectations.  The latest tool standard also includes an eight page Appendix section that uses detailed descriptions, pictures, and views to best communicate these requirements.

AGS Technology is already working on the next version, but this time in 3D!  Steve Stoever is designing a typical mold in CAD that conforms to all of the requirements detailed in the AGS Tooling Standard.  This CAD model will be saved in STP and other math data formats and it will allow customers and suppliers the ability to access, view, rotate, measure, cross section, etc… a fully compliant AGS injection mold.   If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a 3D model must be worth exponentially more.  As we eagerly await this next version click on the following link AGS Tool Standard 8-15-12 to view the latest pdf revision.