AGS Technology…Zero Point Zero

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In the movie Animal House, Dean Wormer meets with the boys of Delta Tau Chi to review their grade performance.  Within this classic scene Dean Wormer looks at John Belushi’s character and declares in exasperated anger, “Mr. Blutarsky…zero point zero”.  Ever since watching this scene I have always equated and re-quoted “zero point zero” to describe utter futility…until now.

On August 30th, General Motors notified  AGS Technology that it was being awarded the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 2012.  This recognition was based on AGS Technology’s July 2011 thru June 2012 quality performance of…wait for it…”zero point zero”.  Zero PPM’s, zero discrepant parts, zero PRR”s, zero plant disruptions, zero unauthorized changes, zero program management issues, and zero field actions.  An even closer look at GM’s 6 Panel Report reveals the prior twelve months (July 2010 thru June 2011) AGS’ quality performance record was again…”zero point zero”.  Throw in the fact that many of their parts are also being made from AGS Injectoblend recycled materials we consider ourselves the Ginger Rogers of their Fred Astaire supply base…following all the same steps as Fred but with an additional level of complexity similar to Ginger dancing backwards in high heels!  AGS Technology thanks General Motors for recognizing it as a top performing “zero point zero” supplier.