George Staniulis Stands Up to Defend Recycled Plastic…Again

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A conventional wisdom that continues to be rolled out in manufacturing circles is the inferiority of recycled plastics.  There are plenty of horror stories where a processor used regrind in an application that ended up failing in the field.  However, a closer analysis of these failures would most likely find the root cause to be the processors lack of knowledge of recycled plastics.  Unfortunately in some of these instances it can be attributed to a greedy processor “jammin’ in the regrind” to turn a quick buck.

Opportunity can be found by questioning conventional wisdom, but the most savvy decision makers know they also need to find the right partner when it comes to implementing their recycled plastics strategy.  For over 15 years AGS Technology has been providing OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers with high quality, functional parts made from recycled plastic.  AGS Technology’s track record has been impeccable and this performance provides us with the confidence and credentials to defend the use of recycled plastic.

In the November 28, 2011 weekly edition of Automotive News, recycled plastic was negatively portrayed as a tactic to reduce cost that inevitably lowered vehicle performance expectations.  George Staniulis, AGS Vice President, challenged this portrayal.  George’s letter to the editor was published in the December 12, 2011 edition and can be read by clicking on the link below.