IQMS ERP Investment Streamlines AGS’ Operations

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AGS Technology has always been a lean company with strong systems to manage contract review, customer orders, scheduling, production, quality control, shipping, and accounting.  These systems have served AGS well as evidenced by its excellent on-time delivery and quality record over the last 20 years.  However, the company continues to grow and the end products are becoming more complex with increasing offline assembly operations, product customization, and drop ship requirements.  In addition, customers are also pushing compliance to MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation) to validate that robust material planning and delivery processes are in place to support overall business objectives.

The AGS Management Team recognizes that this level of coordination requires an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that takes an integrated view of AGS’ core business processes using common databases.  Applications for Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, Accounting, etc… can then share this data across various departments facilitating the flow of information between all business functions.

AGS Technology has already installed the hardware infrastructure and has just contracted with IQMS, a leading authority on manufacturing ERP software systems.  This partnership with IQMS will enable AGS Technology to stay lean, agile, and competitive while continuing to serve the needs of its customers.

IQMS Applications Available in Core System

IQMS Applications Available in Core System