Success Breeds Success: AGS Installs Three More iMFLUX Units on JSW Machines

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In March 2021, AGS Technology installed three more iMFLUX units on its JSW injection molding equipment. This investment follows the success of the initial iMFLUX units AGS purchased in early 2019. Co-founder George Staniuis originally identified iMFLUX as a potential “game changer” for AGS Technology. The most challenging issue faced by AGS Technology is the viscosity and density variations of regrind materials lot to lot, shot to shot and even within a single injection shot. The ability to maintain constant low pressure with the injection speed varying based on material viscosity allows for more consistent parts. From initial pilot programs to full scale production, AGS has been able to verify the multiple benefits of constant low pressure molding as summarized in the figure below:

Japanese Steel Works (JSW) has also been an important partner to AGS Technology going all the way back to its first two injection molding machines purchased in 1995. As noted in a recent Plastics Technology press release, JSW has been doing a lot of work integrating iMFLUX processing technology into their injection molding machines and are installing a machine at the iMFLUX training center in Hamilton-OH early 2021.