Plastics Profiler-Nylon 66

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Nylon 66 is a crystalline engineering thermoplastic made up of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid that undergo a condensation reaction to form the polymer and is noted for the following performance characteristics:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasion Reistance
  • Friction Resistance
  • Heat Resistance

Nylon 66 is commonly available in general purpose, glass reinforced and impact modified grades.  For 33% glass reinforced grades, tensile strength more than doubles and flexural modulus values triple with the addition of glass fiber.  Modified high impact grades of Nylon 66 can have notched Izod values up to 17 ft-lb/in (907 J/m).

The 24-hour water absorption rate for Nylon 66 is high at 1.2%-1.5% for general purpose grades and this will increase with longer exposure causing dimensional growth issues that must be taken into account during the component design stage.

AGS Technology injection molds cost effective general purpose, glass reinforced, and impact modified recycled PA66 grades into supports, brackets, substrates, housings, bezels, and many other applications.  To reference the product data sheet for 33% glass reinforced PA66 click on Injectoblend FPA66235.